For leadership in Senate, what would Angus do? (March 26, 2012)

AUGUSTA — Sen. Cynthia Dill, a top progressive in the race for U.S. Senate, is leading a petition drive to get Angus King, an unenrolled candidate, to tell Maine voters which Senate leader he would support if elected.

“The first and arguably most important vote that Maine’s new U.S. senator will cast will be to choose a leader,” Dill said. “I know where I stand. And Maine voters are entitled to know whether Angus King would vote for a Democrat, currently Harry Reid, or a Republican, led at present by Mitch McConnell.”

The Senate majority leader sets the chamber’s agenda and is the gatekeeper of all legislation, confirmations and committee assignments. As such, Dill said, “the impact is huge, and Maine voters cannot afford to give unenrolled candidates a free pass. We need to know which direction an unenrolled candidate would be sending the Senate.”

With a goal of only 1,000 for the week, the petition, accessible here, racked up 915 signatures in less than three days over the weekend.

“The response has shown that Mainers are rightfully concerned about the direction the U.S. Senate would take if we were to send Angus King there,” Dill said. “This is not an attack on Angus King, or an unfair question to ask. It’s every Mainer’s right to know what they’re getting when they cast their votes.

“Let’s not confuse independence with indifference or confusion. We need to know from Angus King if he’s serious about leading Maine forward: Which side are you on in the race for Senate leadership?”




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