Dill picks up another national endorsement (March 28, 2012)

Women’s Action for New Directions today endorsed state Sen. Cynthia Dill to succeed Olympia Snowe as Maine’s next U.S. senator.

The WAND endorsement bolsters Dill’s status as a leading progressive in the race for the Democratic nomination. Dill has made economic justice, environmental protection, wider access to health care and an end to the GOP war on women centerpieces of her campaign.

In its endorsement letter, the WAND Inc. Board of Directors said it “believes that your belief in reducing violence and militarism and commitment to redirecting excessive military resources toward unmet human and environmental needs is exactly the kind of leadership we need to make this nation truly secure.”

WAND Board of Directors Chairwoman Karen Jacob said her organization “wants to change the face of Congress, and bring a progressive view to foreign policy.”

“The mission of WAND has been my mission, and I will work hard as a U.S. senator to ensure our unmet domestic needs, ignored too long, are finally addressed in a way that benefits average Mainers,” Dill said.

“I have been a champion for accountable, responsive and effective governing as a state representative, a state senator and civil rights lawyer, and I believe all Mainers deserve active representation,” Dill said. “The WAND endorsement is a gratifying validation of our campaign’s hard work and focus thus far.”

The WAND endorsement is Dill’s second from a national organization. The Democratic Advancement PAC (DAPAC) — which has a track record of supporting successful progressive candidates, including U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, who won in Maine’s First Congressional District in 2008 — selected Dill in February.

“These endorsements are the beginning of a strong grassroots campaign to send a new generation of leadership to Washington. I want to give voice to Maine working families, small businesses and communities,” Dill said.

Dill, an award-winning civil rights lawyer, served on the Cape Elizabeth Town Council before winning her race for Maine’s House of Representatives in 2006. In the State House, Dill served on the Judiciary and Ethics Committees and was instrumental in the Three Ring Binder Project, a nationally recognized private/public partnership bringing high-speed Internet access to rural parts of the state. In May 2011, Dill was elected to the Maine State Senate with 68% of the vote in a special election to represent South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and part of Scarborough.

At the national level, Dill was Vice Chair of the National Conference of State Legislature’s Communication, Financial Affairs and Interstate Commerce Committee, and was a member of the Executive Committee Task Force on State and Local Taxation of Telecommunications and Electronic Commerce.

In addition to her legislative and public policy work, Dill worked as the Director of the Common Cause Digital Democracy Project in Washington, D.C. In August 2011, Dill founded the Friends of the Maine Woods, a statewide organization that advocates for the study and creation of a Maine Woods National Park. Dill is a member of the First Congregational Church of South Portland where she taught Sunday school for many years.

The goals of WAND, which Dill shares, include promoting alternatives to militarism and violence as the solution to conflict; shifting from a military- to a civilian-based economy to address real threats to our national security; cleaning up environmental effects of nuclear weapons production, as well as toxic waste at all military facilities; eliminating the testing, production, sale and use of weapons of mass destruction; and preventing violence against women.

For more about WAND, visit their website.




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