Pundits see Dill holding slim lead for nomination (June 9, 2012)

AUGUSTA — State Sen. Cynthia Dill said she’s encouraged her campaign for Democratic nomination to the U.S. Senate is peaking at the right time.
After Wednesday night’s WCSH-TV debate — the final of dozens of public forums since the campaign began in January — commentator Phil Harriman said Dill was “distancing herself” as a true progressive and “probably picked up some votes” based on her closing statement.
“I can’t tell you what Mr. Hinck or Mr. Dunlap had to say,” added Harriman, a former Maine senator.
Harriman and former Sen. Ethan Strimling offer regular political commentary on a Bangor Daily News video blog called “Agree to Disagree.”
In an appearance June 6 on WGAN 560 AM radio, Strimling said of Dill, “her supporters seem more passionate. …. If I had to put money on it … Dill, then Dunlap.” (8:03)
“I’ve been excited about the positive response to our campaign since the convention, especially in these final, key days,” Dill said. “We continue to be very optimistic about Maine’s future, our campaign, and our ability to win this nomination. Now we have to convert support into votes.”
Two independent polls have given Dill a lead: a Critical Insights poll showed she leads the field in name recognition in May, while a Maine People’s Resource Center poll showed Dill the favorite of 20.3 percent of those polled, with the next challenger at 16.7 percent, in April.

For the audio WGAN comments, click here.

For the video “Agree to Disagree” comments, click here.


One comment

  1. Robert O'Brien

    Quoting a 7 week old poll is just silly. Touting a poll where the 2 Democrats barely registered above the margin of error is fluffery. She got 6 %, Matt got 5%, the margin of error is 4%. Hard to take that kind of talk seriously. I fully expect to see “DILL BEATS KING IN MPA POLL” headline. The fact that Matt Dunlap won the poll is a minor detail you would prefer to overlook. Other pundits like Al Diamon? We both know what he said. And that editorial in the PPH, Chris what’s-his-name, the guy that gave your candidate 4 Tom Connolly hats? Again, she tweeted half of what he said about her, conveniently left off the rest. Harriman and Strimling are SURELY in tune with the 2nd CD, and have their pulse on the electorate. Uh-huh. Look, Dill could win. She has run a very solid campaign. She has great signs, even if they weren’t made in a Union shop. Harriman would love to see her as the candidate. He is a loyal Republican. He knows Matt appeals to a lot of Olympia Snowe Republicans. Ethan? He’ll downplay the Senate Democratic Candidate, damn them with faint praise, and secretly ( or not) root for, shall we say, a different candidate.

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