Dill lauds Supreme Court ruling on health care law (June 28, 2012)

Democrat says ‘I will work to strengthen the law’ in U.S. Senate

Calling it a decision that will protect the lives of millions of Americans, U.S. Senate nominee Cynthia Dill lauded the Supreme Court today for leaving largely intact the sweeping health care law championed by President Obama and congressional Democrats.

Justices voted to keep in place the measure requiring that all Americans be insured, in an effort to begin chipping away at spiraling costs in the U.S. health-care system.

“I’m thrilled the court upheld the decision,” Dill said. “I have obtained a copy of the ruling and am poring through it. But I certainly am glad Americans with pre-existing conditions can no longer be discriminated against, and that the world’s richest nation thinks it’s important to protect the well-being of its citizens.”

“The Affordable Care Act is a much needed law that provides basic health care to Americans where the free market failed to. Millions who are benefiting from the law will continue to, and not be held hostage to business decisions affecting whether they live or die. Seniors on fixed incomes are saving money on prescriptions and checkups. Insurance companies will no longer set arbitrary lifetime caps on benefits that put millions of Americans one car accident or heart attack away from bankruptcy.

“As U.S. senator next year, I will work to strengthen the law, and to reform the current fee-for-service system that creates the wrong incentives. I also believe we should go further in ensuring that Americans don’t have to choose between health care and bankruptcy, though better cost controls, increased reliance on preventive care, decreased reliance on fee-for-service models, and, ultimately, a universal single-payer system.”


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