Fundraising email: I’ll ensure ACA remains law (June 29, 2012)

Dear Friend,

Great news! The Supreme Court ruled Democrats’ health reform law is constitutional.

Americans will sleep easier knowing they can’t be dropped by an insurer when they become ill. Women will no longer face higher rates because they’re women. Sick children will continue to be covered.

But we also know conservatives in Congress will keep wasting taxpayer time and hundreds of millions of dollars fighting this issue over and over again, defending our “right” to be sick.

Why do they back insurance companies over the rights of patients who get dropped?

The truth is: We can’t be sure the law is safe until we ensure the votes in Congress.

I am the only candidate who backs universal health care, and I have a plan to pay for it: Close corporate tax loopholes and subsidies, trim ineffective defense spending, enact the Buffett Rule.

Please donate to our campaign TODAY to help us reach our goal. There is an important deadline that expires on midnight, June 30th.

We know their plan: Stay loyal to the corporations bankrolling their campaigns.

We can’t keep sending the One Percenters to Washington and expect them to work for the people. You know where I stand. Send me to Washington and I’ll vote to expand health care access and ensure the ACA remains law.

Would you donate $50 before midnight tonight in order to guarantee health care for your sick children?


Cynthia Dill
Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate


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