Fundraising email: We’ll win again (June 27, 2012)

They said we couldn’t win the primary. We won.

They said we can’t win in November. We’ll win again.

Not because we have the most money, but because ours is the only campaign for working families, small businesses and Maine values.

Not because we represent special interests and the super rich, but because our ideas will benefit thousands of Mainers struggling to survive a crazy economy. We stand for jobs that pay a fair wage, access to affordable health care, public education, protecting the environment and an equal opportunity to succeed for all Americans. We stand for economic and social justice.

And today we must stand together. Please donate to our campaign today. We need your help before June 30th to show support for the only campaign that reflects the hopes of the people over corporate special interests and Washington as usual.

Mainers are tough, but fair-minded. We don’t like being told how to vote.

Jim Longley trailed by 10 to 15 points the weekend before the election then surprised the entire country to become governor in 1976. And in 1958, Ed Muskie defeated a popular incumbent to become a U.S. senator with a whopping 60% of the vote.

The election isn’t until November. But we need your financial support now to hold the other candidates’ feet to the fire about the issues we care about, and to get our message of shared prosperity out.

To show a broad base of support, can you give $50 or $100 before a critical June 30 fundraising deadline?

You and I know the economy is not working for everyone, and that the middle class is priced out of politics and in danger of extinction.

Make a statement with your donation. Let’s show what a people’s campaign looks like.

Help counteract the millions in unregulated, unidentified corporate money about to be poured into our state on behalf of wealthy out-of-state interests bent on silencing the voice of common Mainers.

And tell the pollsters to pack it in.

As they are about to learn: In this campaign, every single person makes a difference.

With your support, we’ll prove them wrong again.

It’s time for a new generation of leadership in Washington.



P.S. The reporting deadline is June 30th. Please make your contribution online before midnight on 6/30/12. Thank you!


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