Fundraising email: Don’t be fooled (July 11, 2012)


It’s a time of extreme pain for the growing ranks of our working poor and unemployed.

Maybe you know people who have been jobless a year or more, elders who choose between medicine and heating oil, families whose children miss breakfast. I do.

Yet at a time like this, my opponents say we can afford tax cuts for rich people.

Who will give a voice in the U.S. Senate to the endangered middle class?

You know where I stand. I’m the only candidate in this race who:

  • voted to raise Maine’s minimum wage
  • voted against income tax “reform” that gave 75% of the benefit to the top 20% of taxpayers
  • voted to prevent lenders from foreclosing on Maine homeowners without proof
  • voted against barring Maine farmers and child care workers — 98% women — from unionizing
  • supports the Buffett Rule, to ensure secretaries don’t pay a higher effective tax rate than their CEO bosses
  • supports the Paycheck Fairness Act, which protects women against being paid less than their male counterparts in equivalent positions.

Moreover, I am the only candidate in this race who agrees with President Obama:

Tax cuts should be targeted to families earning less than $250,000 a year — 98 percent of all taxpayers — and retired for the other 2%. The billions we save will stave off cuts to programs, help pay down the deficit, and let us reinvest in America.

Democrats believe Maine people should be working their way into the middle class … not getting pushed out.

We MUST elect people who have a record of voting to support the middle class. Until we do, the debate will continue to be all about tax cuts for the rich, cuts to programs for the rest of us.

Could you take five minutes, press this link, and give $50 to a true people’s campaign?

Don’t be fooled into thinking an “independent” millionaire with an anti-worker record has the middle class in mind. Support core Democratic values by contributing what you can.

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