Dill leads on issues important to women (July 13, 2012)

Record includes pay equity, reproductive rights, cited as top concerns

Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Cynthia Dill leads in the issues recent polling indicates Maine women care about most.

A poll released July 12 by the Portland Press Herald shows Maine women support mandatory coverage of contraception in employer health plans, and wider economic opportunity. Thirty-five percent of women said they’re less financially secure than two years ago, and 66 percent think women are paid less than men for the same work. Women are also more likely to identify health care and education as top concerns, the poll said.

“There’s a wide number of issues that affect women,” DIll said, “so a pro-woman senator has to do more than defend women’s access to basic health services. She also has to vote to help women survive economically in their increasing roles as family breadwinners.

“We need to raise the minimum wage, bolster family leave, back union membership and endorse steps to stop violence against women,” DIll said. “I’ve voted to support all these, which is why the Maine Women’s Lobby gave me a 100% rating in its most recent review. I don’t see the same level of pro-family support from the other candidates in this race.”

Dill said Angus King vetoed minimum wage and family leave measures and weakened labor unions as governor. He also hasn’t committed to pay equity legislation, opposes mandatory coverage of contraception without copays (which will be law Aug. 1), and supports tax cuts for millionaires that could be spent on deficit reduction, schools, roads and bridges.

“A middle class, working mother with a record of championing issues that affect families is what our campaign offers the people of Maine,” Dill said. “And that’s what sets me apart from all the other candidates in this race.”

Issue statement

Cynthia Dill’s pro-woman voting record

In six years in the Legislature, Cynthia Dill:

  • Voted against cuts to Planned Parenthood
  • Voted to increase the minimum wage
  • Voted to expand family leave
  • Voted against curbs on abortion and reproductive rights
  • Voted to strengthen unions
  • Voted to empower child-care workers to collectively bargain
  • Voted against regressive state income tax “reform”
  • Voted to allow some school districts to avoid consolidation
  • Co-sponsored legislation to expand broadband to rural communities where women struggle disproportionately to access education, job training and global markets
  • Supported legislation that creates economic opportunities and protects fundamental rights, especially for women and children.
  • Earned a 100% Maine Women’s Lobby rating

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