Dill: LePage unfit to serve after ‘Gestapo’ comments (July 13, 2012)

Democrat led effort to allow citizens ability to recall governors

Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Cynthia Dill said Maine Gov. Paul LePage is “unfit to serve as governor” in the wake of his most recent outrageous comment, comparing the Internal Revenue Service to the Gestapo, the secret Nazi-era police that killed tens of thousands of Jews.

“LePage clearly does not get it,” Dill said. “The Gestapo specialized in imprisoning, torturing and killing Jews and other oppressed minorities under Hitler during World War II, none of which has anything to do with collecting the revenue that makes America function.”

Dill — who led a drive in the last legislative session to allow Mainers the ability to recall a governor via petition — said Mainers will now openly question whether LePage is fit to serve as governor.

“If it were a slip of words, it might be seen as an anomaly,” Dill said. “But it’s only the latest example of LePage’s inflammatory governance, divisive rhetoric and inability to focus on issues that affect Mainers.”

Dill said she was proud to join with the Maine Democratic Party in repudiating LePage’s comments, and apologized to the state’s Jewish community for being subjected to the governor’s insensitivity. “No one in America should bear the brunt of government bullying and ignorance. Leaders from every walk of life and every political corner must stand up and speak out against this outrageous and utterly offensive use of language.”


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