Dill calls out snub by Beltway Democrats (July 19, 2012)

Says D.C. insiders ignoring opportunity for true Democrat to win open Senate seat

Cynthia Dill, the Democratic nominee for Maine’s open U.S. Senate seat, today issued a letter to Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray questioning whether “Beltway Democrats” would back her grassroots campaign for working-class Mainers.

In the letter, Dill outlines her legislative record of voting to support core Democratic values and requests a meeting with national Democrats to discuss the race and its implications on keeping a Democratic majority in the Senate to boost working families, small business and social justice.

“Our affinity on core Democratic issues is striking, and there’s ample evidence the unenrolled candidate in this race opposes much of the party’s core agenda,” Dill writes. A copy of the letter accompanies this release.

Nominated by Maine Democrats in June by garnering the most statewide votes of any candidate in either party, Dill’s letter invites the DSCC to come on board “a true middle-class campaign,” and asks Murray why the DSCC has thus far not supported its duly-elected nominee.

“The silence from Washington is deafening, has taken voters’ focus from the issues that families care about, and does nothing to address the concerns of the people of Maine,” Dill said. “This is Washington politics and drama once again getting in the way of progress for ordinary Americans, as Beltway insiders broker deals, hedge bets and pick winners and losers. It’s the same old song and dance, and Maine voters are tired of it.”

In a cordial phone call with Murray today, Dill told her “it is an honor and privilege to be the duly elected nominee in the race for U.S. Senate in Maine,” noting the state has a tradition of sending top-notch people to represent them in Washington.

“Regardless of what the polls say or how much money we have as a campaign, what I want to talk about are issues that matter to the people of Maine. One big distraction has been the DSCC silence about this race.

“While I may not fill the shoes of Margaret Chase Smith, Ed Muskie, George Mitchell or Olympia Snowe, I certainly aspire to,” Dill told Murray, “and I take the job as candidate very seriously.”

Dill said Murray was receptive to her message, and she “continues to monitor” the race.


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