Dill wins labor support with 100% voting record (Aug. 2, 2012)

Maine State Employees Union rating showcases Democrat’s legislative record

PORTLAND — The Maine State Employees Union MSEA-SEIU has awarded Cynthia Dill, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, a 100 percent rating for her efforts in the 125th Legislature — one of only five senators to achieve the top worker protection standard.

Dill earned the 100% rating with legislative work that “showed real leadership,” said MSEA-SEIU President Ginette Rivard, who said Dill and the other four senators “stood up for Maine workers in a very difficult political climate.”

“The scorecard shows that Cynthia was among the senators who, at a time when there was a lot of pressure on legislators, understood the value of committing to the people who have worked for our state for a number of years,” Rivard said. “She was one of the senators who stood up for our members and for working families. For our members, it was very meaningful.”

Dill said she was gratified by the rating. “This validates the hard work I have been doing for years as a legislator on behalf of Maine workers and their families,” she said. “At a time when a massive recession rooted in Republican policies has nearly wiped out the middle class in America, we need job protections and we need to keep jobs in this country. No more outsourcing and offshoring of American jobs.”

This marks Dill’s fourth significant public rating in recent months. Last week, the Maine Conservation Voters rated Dill 100% for her legislative work to conserve Maine’s cherished environment. The AFL-CIO also gave her a 100% rating. And this spring, the Maine Women’s Lobby gave Dill a 100% rating for votes on issues important to women.

“These ratings reflect my core values, and the values of 99% of Maine people,” Dill said. “If we want to change the dynamic in Washington, D.C., and create a true middle-class recovery, we have to elect people with the political courage to vote for the economic interests of families.”

The SEIU scorecard reads: “The only way we’re going to ensure quality public services for all Maine people and protect the rights of Maine workers is to elect leaders at the state and national levels who share our values.”

The union score is based on votes against the two-year state budget that cut pension and health benefits for MSEA-SEIU members to pay for tax breaks largely benefiting Maine’s wealthiest residents; ended collective bargaining rights for child-care providers and egg farm workers; limited workers’ compensation; harmed unemployed workers who file for unemployment insurance; and downsized state human services staff.

“Unions and collective bargaining bring economic security to workers and their families, and provide opportunities for social mobility and achieving the American Dream. My voting record is a reflection of my values, and the values I will bring to the United States Senate. My record also sets me apart from my opponents in this race, both of whom have voted consistently against the economic interests of middle-class people.”

The Maine State Employees Association is a labor union representing more than 15,000 public and private sector workers throughout Maine. It is committed to improving the lives of workers and their families through aggressive advocacy at the bargaining table and in the halls of the Legislature and Congress.

Members include active and retired workers of Maine State Governments’ Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches, Maine Public Employee Retirement System, Maine Community College System, Maine Maritime Academy, Maine Turnpike Authority, City of Lewiston, Green Valley Association, Treats Falls, York County, Alpha One, Home Care for Maine, Governor Baxter School for the Deaf, Maine Military Authority, Red Cross-Bangor, Child Development Services, Maine’s Family Child Care providers and Bangor International Airport Fuelers. The membership is expanding as more workers who provide services to the people of the State of Maine organize under its banner.


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