Top Maine Press Association awards in investigative, spot news, continuing story (October 2011)

In October 2011, the news staff of the Kennebec Journal took home 12 major statewide journalism awards from the Maine Press Association, the industry’s top trade organization. I was proud to manage a team that won more such awards than any Maine daily newspaper its circulation size. To view the full list, click here.

Freedom of Information

1. Sun Journal

2. Kennebec Journal

3. York County Coast Star

Investigative Reporting


1. Mechele Cooper, Kennebec Journal

2. Edward D. Murphy, The Portland Press Herald

3. John Richardson, The Portland Press Herald

Spot News


1. Craig Crosby and Matthew Stone, Kennebec Journal

2. Steve Mistler, Sun Journal

3. David Robinson and Leslie Bridgers, Morning Sentinel

Continuing Story


1. Mechele Cooper, Kennebec Journal

2. Bonnie Washuk, Lewiston, Sun Journal

3.  Bill Nemitz, The Portland Press Herald

Education Reporting


1. Bonnie Washuk, Sun Journal

2. Lindsay Tice, Sun Journal

3. Matthew Stone, Kennebec Journal

Feature Headline


1. Sharon Wood, Kennebec Journal,

2. Khela Kupiec, Bangor Daily News

3. John Willhoite, Maine Sunday Telegram,                      

News/Sports Headline


1. Robert Long, The Times Record

2. Bob Mentzinger, Kennebec Journal

3. Becky Bowden, Bangor Daily News

Front Page Design


1. Elyse Kahl, Bangor Daily News

2. Sharon Wood, Kennebec Journal

3. Patrick Gabrion, The Times Record

Specialty Page Design


1. Corey LaFlamme, Sun Journal; Sharon Wood, Kennebec Journal (tie)

2. Corey LaFlamme, Amber Waterman, Sun Journal

3. John Willhoite, The Portland Press Herald



1. Sharon Wood, Kennebec Journal

2. Sharon Wood, Kennebec Journal

3. Heather McCarthy, Pete Gorski, Sun Journal



1. Michael Fisher, The Portland Press Herald

2. Pete Gorski, Sun Journal

3. Sharon Wood, Kennebec Journal; Michael Fisher, Maine Sunday Telegram (tie)



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