Times Record: Landing opportunity (March 1, 2013)

Brunswick Landing is coming along.

The latest evidence was Tuesday’s Brunswick Planning Board approval of the first phase of a subdivision plan that the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority says will lead to the relatively immediate signing of three new commercial tenants.

Topsham officials have put forth people for a communications panel that will speed information and discussion between the town and MRRA.

Two of the Brunswick area’s most respected business and legal minds — John Peters and John Moncure, respectively — earned renominations to the MRRA board and an early positive reception from a legislative panel. The governor’s office should approve these picks with haste.

At the state level, shelving a legislative effort to shelter property taxes for aviation businesses helped dial down the tension.

All of this leads us to believe that, going forward, the town and MRRA are going to be productive partners on the same side of the ledger.

That’s good. Even with some outstanding issues — for example, making sure town environmental and zoning rules are contemplated when making long-range decisions — there’s no reason to remake the wheel on this newfangled engine of quasi-public development.

The same people who brought us opportunities in the form of Molnlycke, Southern Maine Community Colllege and Kestrel can indeed be counted on to deliver the goods, and we expect the imminent announcements of new tenants to be not full of fanfare but merely the latest in a steady drip of good business news in a place and time such news is rare indeed.

They’ve groped in the dark for a while, but it really seems the town of Brunswick and the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority are figuring this thing out.


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