Times Record: The way a capital should be (March 1, 2013)

Have you seen the bipartisan love emanating from the State House lately?

Whether on guns, pot, ethics, supplemental budgets or revenue sharing, legislators of good will — Democrats, Republicans and independents — are getting things done.

To recap, a bipartisan bill to shield the identities of certain gun owners was a bipartisan love fest. A subsequent bill to legalize marijuana for recreational use enjoys Democratic and Republican co-sponsors. Democrats and Republicans are behind a bill to limit the ability of legislators to go to work for corporate interests right after their public service is done. There seems to be some positive bipartisan movement away from abandoning state revenue sharing. And a gaping hole in the current two-year budget was filled without rancor — even though the governor chose not to sign it.

We may not agree with all or even any of those moves.

That’s precisely the point. Let’s be less worried about getting our way than having a dialogue that forges solutions for the largest number of people.

It’s called democracy. If Washington wants to see how it works, perhaps it should take a trip up to Augusta, Maine.


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