Times Record: What have we done? (Dec. 13, 2013)

One year on, what have we accomplished?

What have we done to prevent the next elementary school from becoming a war zone?

What have we done to treat the mentally ill, or to prevent their access to firearms?

What have we done to help police not be outgunned in a firefight by limiting the availability of high-capacity magazines and assault weapons?

What have we done to separate law-abiding gun owners from the next Adam Lanza or James Holmes?

What have we done to protect kids from access to their parents’ guns with mandatory locks or gun storage rules?

What have we done to fortify our schools against invasion by murderers?

In memory of Charlotte Bacon, born in 2006; Daniel Barden, born in 2005; Olivia Engel, born in 2006; Josephine Gay, born in 2005;  Ana M. Marquez-Greene, born in 2006; Dylan Hockley, born in 2006; Madeleine F. Hsu, born in 2006; Catherine V. Hubbard, born in 2006; Chase Kowalski, born in 2005; Jesse Lewis, born in 2006;  James Mattioli, born in 2006; Grace McDonnell, born in 2005; Emilie Parker, born in 2006; Jack Pinto, born in 2006; Noah Pozner, born in 2006; Caroline Previdi, born in 2006; Jessica Rekos, born in 2006;  Avielle Richman, born in 2006; Benjamin Wheeler, born in 2006; Allison N. Wyatt, born in 2006; and of the staff who died — Mary Sherlach, Victoria Soto, Rachel Davino, Lauren Russeau, AnneMarie Murphy and Dawn Hochsprung —  the question still lingers.

What have we done?


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