Woods helps women prosper in the new economy (May 11, 2014)

Woods letterhead

FALMOUTH — Steve Woods, Democratic candidate for state Senate, said the best way to honor Mother’s Day is to help women achieve pay parity while protecting their right to make personal health care decisions without government interference.

“I’m proud that my record as CEO of a major company includes paying women on par with men and promoting them to positions of the highest trust and authority within my organizations,” Woods said. “Government should be helping women achieve their goals, not intruding in their medical affairs.”

In particular, at Woods’ Falmouth-based companies:

• Woods has hired more than 100 female employees

• Women make up 64% of the work force

• 49% of females employed have received a promotion

• 2 of the company’s 4 top executives are women, including VP of Business Operations

• Woods established business controls to ensure equal pay for men and women

• Woods recognizes $10.10 as the minimum standard hourly pay, beginning with interns

• TideSmart Global/emg3 was honored by The Maine State Council of the Society for Human Resources Management as a “Best Place to Work in Maine”

• Woods offers comprehensive health insurance plans with coverage for all aspects of care without interference into women’s health care decisions

Woods said he would commemorate Mother’s Day in his hometown with a Saturday event highlighting the prominence of women’s issues in the 2014 election. The event, sponsored by the Maine Democratic Party, is 9 am to noon at Ice It Bakery, U.S. Rt. 1, Yarmouth.

“Join us to celebrate pay equity and health care freedom for women,” Woods said, “and don’t forget to vote June 10 for candidates with a real track record supporting women’s rights.”


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