Photo gallery: Peach House Cafe kicks into gear

College of the Atlantic News

Student gleaners turn ‘waste’ into a gourmet social occasion
BAR HARBOR, MAINE — A group of College of the Atlantic students is restarting a program to divert food scraps from the compost heap and bring them to the dinner table, turning “waste” into nutrition in a festive social atmosphere.
The group, known as the Peach House Café, began organizing last year as a group of individuals dedicated to preventing food waste who started gleaning food from supermarkets on Mount Desert Island, says Arlo Cristofaro-Hark.
“We were Dumpster diving,” Cristoforo-Hark ’17 wrote in an email. “We created a partnership with local farmer, gleaner and bread fairy Chris Brown, (who) helped us work with Hannaford to gather food that would have otherwise been thrown away (one rotten berry in the whole carton, a dent in the potato, soft carrots, etc.)”
Under the moniker Peach House Café, students take gleaned food, prepare it…

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