Samsø Journal: COA students study renewable energy in Denmark

College of the Atlantic News

SAMSO ISLAND, DENMARK — Thirteen students, two graduate students and two faculty members from College of the Atlantic are in Europe for two weeks, studying ways to bring energy independence and cost reductions to Maine islands.

In a unique partnership with the Island Institute funded by the Fund for Maine Islands, COA students are engaged in a “monster course” that’s actually three distinct, one-credit courses: “Energy and Technology,” “Impact Investing,” and “Islands: Energy, Economy and Community.”

While interacting with COA faculty members Jay Friedlander and Anna Demeo, with Maine islanders and with energy researchers from Denmark, students also are attending the renowned Samsø Energy Academy, to learn firsthand from residents of this farming and tourist community how Samsø became “carbon negative” (absorbing more carbon emissions than it produces) through efficiency upgrades, wind and solar power production, biomass-distributed district heating, and other elements of a renewable energy portfolio.

In early October…

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