Can you cut it in Maine’s timber territory?

Unity College Maine Lumberjack Camp offers rigorous education in Pine Tree State forestry

UNITY, Maine – From Paul Bunyan to the Discovery Channel’s “American Loggers,” Maine is timber territory, and now people can experience Maine’s logging heritage up close with a one-of-a-kind summer program.

A limited number of participants will gain lumberjack skills and learn the history of forestry in Maine up close in the Unity College Maine Lumberjack Camp, developed by Unity College to showcase timber sports that are fast-paced, physical, and historically rich.

With instruction in fire building, axe throwing, log rolling, and more, there are few summer camp experiences that can rival Lumberjack Camp for authenticity and fun. The program – offered July 19-25, 2015 for youths ages 16 through 19 — combines travel-based exploration of Maine’s lumberjack and forestry heritage with hands-on training and competition.

Participants will experience the Maine Forest and Logging Museum, work in a team to gain woodsmen skills, compete in log rolling, axe throwing, poleclimb, and crosscut, and learn the history of logging and lumberjacking in the Northeast from experts in timbering.

“We don’t know of any summer camp experience that provides the combination of local heritage, hands-on skill and plain old fun that the Unity College Lumberjack Camp offers,” said John Zavodny, coordinator of Unity College summer programs.

The cost is $750 per person, with limited space available. To enroll, call (207) 509-7121 or click

About Unity College
Unity College proudly celebrates its 50th year in 2015. The first institution of higher education in the nation to divest from fossil fuel investments, Unity is committed to educating the next generation of environmental professionals. Sustainability science lies at the heart of its educational mission, with 16 environmentally focused undergraduate majors. For more information, visit

About Unity College Summer Programs

With programs such as Environmental Field Photography, Family Nova: Down East Adventures, Field Research Techniques, Geology of the Maine Landscape, Maine Lumberjack Camp, and Unity Warden Camp, you’ll be amazed at what a summer week in Maine can do with Unity College Summer Programs. You might be paddling the St. Croix with life-long friends or whale-watching five miles off the coast.  You could be getting your first taste of college life or learning search and rescue from a north woods warden.  Any way you jump in—a week in Maine can be an education in amazing.


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