Summit Natural Gas: Pricing

For Maine homeowners, every $1 increase in a gallon of heating oil takes $1 billion from the state’s economy.

For Maine businesses, fluctuating energy prices can mean the difference between profit and loss.

“Regrettably,” the state’s top energy adviser recently told lawmakers, “we are at the top of the chart as a percentage of our economy that we dedicate to energy.”

As oil and propane prices continuing to show volatility, the price of natural gas has remained lower and remarkably stable. That’s allowed Summit Natural Gas to provide its customers with peace of mind, cost savings, and the confidence to be able to plan their finances.

In Maine, natural gas prices are approved by state regulators. So Summit Natural Gas customers always know what they’re paying in advance, and they’re only charged for their actual usage each month. No buying in advance, no contracts, no lock­ins, no surprise pricing.

Saving money is just one of the reasons Maine businesses are turning to natural gas.

“I converted my four structures to save my tenants money. Our savings are probably 20 to 30 percent and all of my tenants noticed a reduction in their energy bill immediately,” said Jared Gove, of Scion Management LLC, which operates a shopping center in Falmouth.

But it was the ability to forecast his energy costs that also weighed heavily in his decision to choose natural gas. “Propane prices are volatile,” he said, “and this drove me to natural gas, which has more stable prices.”

Shawn Brannigan​, general manager ​with Falmouth­-based Allen, Sterling & Lothrop, Maine’s oldest seed company, said the choice to convert that business to natural gas also involved price stability and convenience.

Because the price is state regulated, he said “you don’t even have to think about it or ask for pricing.”

“One of the main reasons I converted was because of the stability in fuel prices, as well as the fact that natural gas is sourced from within the United States,” he said. “I don’t like being dependent on foreign oil. Natural gas is convenient, you don’t even have to think about it. It’s always there, just like electricity.”

In a state where high energy costs are continually cited as a major reason for lack of business development, Summit Natural Gas employs more than 100 Maine residents and 200 local contractors, and is working to install a state-­of-­the-­art natural gas system that brings a cleaner and more efficient fuel to Maine communities.

Customers report a minimum of 20 percent savings on their fuel bills ­– money that goes back into the Maine economy.

To help new customers decide whether to switch, Summit guarantees “no pricing surprises” with an offer that natural gas prices will remain at least 15% lower than oil. See for complete terms and conditions.

Domestically sourced, reliably delivered, predictably priced. Summit Natural Gas is driving down costs and providing reliable new energy options that are helping Maine people and businesses prosper.

“My tenants were thankful,” Gove said. “I value not being dependent on foreign oils, [that gas is] cleaner burning, and that I don’t have to think about it. It’s just there.”


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