Paddle the Sebasticook River on June 18


Paddle the Sebasticook River on June 18

Sebasticook Regional Land Trust offers community guided tour of key waterway

UNITY, Maine — Join Sebasticook Regional Land Trust (SRLT) members and friends on June 18 to paddle the Sebasticook and learn about dam removal efforts along the river.

Fellow paddlers, land trust representatives, and three exceptional guest speakers will embark  on a leisurely and informative float down this vital waterway beginning in Benton at 9 a.m. and ending at Fort Halifax around 1 p.m.

“We will be able to see the history of previous dam removal projects by just looking at the river banks,” said Jennifer Irving, SRLT executive director.

“Restoring the ability for key sea-run native species such as alewives to once again access rivers like the Sebasticook and China Lake promotes ecological balance while providing diverse benefits for the community,” Irving said. “Because everything eats alewives, restoring these fish means more eagles and ospreys, more striped bass and a robust sport fishery, and more economic opportunity through alewife harvesting and eco-tourism.”

Guest speakers for this event include biologist Nate Gray of the Maine Department of Marine Resources, author Kerry Hardy, and bird expert Tom Aversa. All three will stop periodically to address the flotilla on points of interest including shad and alewife restoration efforts; Wabanaki history and future use along the Sebasticook; and nesting and migration patterns of local avian populations related to dam removal efforts.

Bagged lunches of locally produced food will be provided at Fort Halifax, courtesy of Crosstrax Neighborhood Deli of Unity.

In order to not overcrowd the river, group space is limited. Most paddlers will have their own canoe or kayak but please indicate whether you are willing to share space in your boat for those who do not have their own.

Reserve a spot by contacting Sebasticook Regional Land Trust at (207) 948-3766 or via email:

About Sebasticook Regional Land Trust

Sebasticook Regional Land Trust has a mission to recognize and conserve the rich wild and working landscape of Central Maine’s Sebasticook River watershed. We work with willing landowners to conserve the lands they love and the resources our community relies upon – clean water, family farms that provide local food and jobs, well-managed working forests, places to hunt, fish and play with our children.


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