Yes on 1: Government doesn’t ban dangerous things. It regulates and taxes them.

To the Editor:

Government generally doesn’t ban dangerous things. It regulates and taxes them.

So why would Mainers want to continue the ludicrous ban on adult possession of marijuana when alcohol, tobacco and firearms kill thousands of people annually?

Has there ever been a single recorded death from a marijuana overdose?

No? Then why is marijuana illegal while the other products known to cause harm are kept legal and taxed?

There’s no logical reason, especially when Maine needs the money and has been growing, selling and distributing marijuana for centuries. Also, Maine already taxes and regulates many other products deemed dangerous, including alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

A study by the conservative Tax Foundation says Maine could get as much as $16 million per year from taxes on marijuana, perhaps much more.

Mainers want to see more money poured into drug enforcement to target the drugs that actually harm and kill people. We can do so responsibly, within existing regulatory frameworks, in the best traditions of Maine, by voting Yes on 1 in November.


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