Yes on 1: Listen to the police

To the Editor:
With overcrowded jails keeping dangerous people on the streets, and police fighting battles with much greater public safety impact, it would be a refreshing change to divert police resources away from nonviolent offenders and toward the serious, violent, and unsolved crimes like assault, car theft, robbery, and domestic assault.

The truth is valuable law enforcement resources are being wasted on locking up people for small marijuana crimes. In other states that have approved legalization measures, arrests for simple marijuana offenses are down nearly 90%, saving a huge amount of police and court time and substantial taxpayer money.

Thanks to a well-run, well-regulated medical system that is graded one of the best in the nation, we know Maine is capable of running legalized marijuana businesses that create jobs, leverage our world-class space in specialty and small-scale agriculture, and shuts down the black market that keep the drugs in the hands of minors and others who shouldn’t possess it.

Marijuana is widely available in Maine, always has been, and will eventually be legalized. The current system isn’t working. Question 1 offers a chance for adults who choose to use marijuana – or who need it for medical purposes – to get it in a safe, regulated environment.

In November, vote Yes on 1.


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